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    Trigen – building equity for future generations

    • capital investments
    • leadership talent
    • enterpreneurial experience

    You've built a solid business and poured your time and talent into getting it right. Weekends. Evenings. Personal savings. You give it your best and your customers can't say enough about you. But you know you can do so much more. Imagine an infusion of capital that lets you take that next big step. Top-notch management talent on tap. Consider building something of lasting value for your family and community. Trigen execs have been there, done that. Now they want to learn more about you.

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    The team

    • Fran Azur
    • Chris Azur
    • Bryan Azur

    Meet the family: accomplished entreprenuers who know their way around a board room and have friends at the bank. They share a passion for results but each brings a unique personal style.

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