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    Not your typical investment company.
    Not your typical results.

    What makes Trigen different

    Lack of capital and business experience stunt the growth of thousands of solid, potentially exceptional businesses. Trigen Investments helps businesses leap these hurdles and get on course to outpace the competition and develop new markets.

    The principals of Trigen built their fortunes making strategic changes to the mortgage lending industry. By analyzing how other industries function and anticipating future business trends, Trigen can help you identify significant service and growth opportunities within your market sector. The team has extensive experience implementing technology to improve productivity, control variability and systematize transactions. They buy into promising business enterprises and invest the capital, leadership and expertise to take it into the majors.

    For Trigen, each investment is personal, a commitment to work with and within a business to the benefit of everyone involved. Trigen promotes good corporate and family values which are the bedrock of long-term success and positive business relationships. Trigen Investments is a father and son team who believes in honesty, fairness and building prosperity.

    Trigen values: dedication, persistence, honesty

    The seekers

    Trigen Investments is a family-owned firm comprised of executives who have experience growing small businesses into national powerhouses.

    Fran Azur and partners founded Lender's Service Inc, the first Vendor Management Company for the mortgage industry in 1982. In a few short years, LSI had annual revenues of well in excess of $100 million. After selling LSI to Prudential Home Mortgage, the three Azurs launched ATM Corporation to provide appraisal and title management services. This business sold in 2007 for $100,000,000. The team is looking to invest and provide expertise to growth oriented small businesses.

    Learn more about our history

    The sought

    Trigen Investments is looking for business opportunities that offer unique products and services or compelling opportunities for growth.

    Successful applicants will be small business owners who welcome leadership and capital investment that helps them reach the next level of performance. Trigen's search is currently focused on (but not limited to) the following industries:

    • Business & process consulting
    • Customer service organizations
    • Entertainment
    • Health, fitness & self-defense
    • Inventions & technology
    • Microbreweries & wineries
    • Outdoor sports & activities
    • Subcontractor management