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    Fran Azur

    Fran Azur started his career in the mortgage banking business. Within 10 years he was COO and Executive Vice President of Liberty Loan Corporation, a national lender with 500 offices. In 1981, having recognized a need for localized settlement services to support real estate closings, Fran helped launch Lender's Service Inc., a nationwide network of appraisers, abstractors and closing attorneys to provide a one-stop-shop for lenders. As Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Fran played a major role in its rapid growth to over $120 million in revenues. Prudential Home Mortgage bought Lender's Service in 1993. That same year Fran launched ATM (Appraisal, Title Management) with a number of partners. After three years of growth, ATM formed controlled business arrangement subsidiary ventures with CitiBank, Countrywide Mortgage and other major mortgage lenders and credit reporting agencies. In 2007 ATM was the largest privately held settlement company in the industry and sold to Fidelity National Financial for $100 million.

    Fran remains actively involved in business, particularly small, privately held family enterprises. Affiliates include Trigen Investments, Vermont Biomass Energy, Azur Aviation Services and Azur Racing Stables. Fran and his wife Melanie divide their time between their horse ranch in Western Pennsylvania and Vermont. They are influential philanthropists who support causes that give a “hand up” towards economic independence.

    Bryan Azur

    Bryan Azur joined ATM Corporation during its inception and progressed through the leadership ranks to become Executive Vice President in less than ten years. Bryan's operational responsibilities included nationwide management of closing agents and documentation as well as employee education and the implementation of new technologies.

    In 2006, as President of Equifax Settlement Services, Bryan built a new company from the ground up as a joint venture between ATM Corporation and Equifax Credit Corporation. Within two years, the company grew from a 30-employee start-up into the most profitable entity in the Equifax Mortgage Solutions division. When Equifax decided to make Settlement Services an in-house Corporate Division, Bryan chose to focus full-time on investment opportunities. As Lead Principal of Trigen Investments, he concentrates on sourcing new opportunities and takes an active, personal role with many of these select small businesses. Bryan currently lives in Central Oregon with his wife and two sons. He is an avid outdoorsman who spends as much time as possible out of the office and out of a suit.

    Chris Azur

    Chris Azur is the CEO of the nation's leading Mortgage Services provider. He is responsible for the overall performance of the organization and support for its leadership in the mortgage services industry. The companies that he manages serve the residential origination, default and servicing markets. The services that they offer include flood, appraisal, BPO, title insurance, home equity, pre-foreclosure searches, closings, field services, auction services and an array of consulting services. They are also ranked the nations second largest sub-servicer, managing over $110 Billion in outstanding principal balances. Additionally, he is responsible for the establishment of captive settlement services subsidiaries across the U.S.

    Chris was previously Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of ATM Corporation of America, the nation's leading settlement services provider, prior to leading the acquisition of ATM by Fidelity National Financial in 2007. Along with Fran, he started ATM in 1993 with 34 core employees, and grew it to include over 100 technical employees in Vision Global Solutions and 1,000 employees in ATM Corporation while developing/leading all of the functional departments through ATM.

    Chris's professional experience to date has provided him with opportunities to participate in the initial start-up and growth of over 20 national companies, providing leadership experience, business process design, board participation and oversight at all levels. The rapid growth and success of these entities has allowed them to scale their businesses while returning growing bottom lines to their owners. Chris currently lives in the Pittsburgh area, with his wife and two children.